Maine Honors Our Fallen Heroes

We’re here to support all of Maine’s 30,000+ family members who have lost a loved one during combat or due to accident or illness during active duty or reserve military service since WWII. Our families come from all over Maine and embrace each other with compassion and understanding. By sharing with each other after the death of their beloved, we make life easier for survivors because we understand exactly how they feel today and how they may feel tomorrow.

The Maine Fallen Heroes Foundation is one of the only organizations in the State of Maine that financially supports the families of our fallen military heroes and their children. Our support system helps those in need of things that government benefits don’t cover. In these trying times. This list keeps getting longer and longer. Donate a gift to them here!

To ALL family members of our fallen heroes, if you’re hurting, or you’d like our help, Please contact us. We’re here for you!

Support our Gold Stars!Our mission is to help all the families of our fallen military heroes from Maine with both financial & emotional support.

We have formed a board of directors that is comprised of families of our fallen and military veterans. We’ve also recently added some pretty amazing people to fill our new advisory board.

We’ll be having our 1st Annual Ruck for our Fallen on October 20, 2018. We’ll be holding the Ruck for our Fallen back in Ogunquit where it all started. If you want to be kept informed, join our mailing list we’ll keep you posted!

We are here to support all of the families of our fallen, but it does take money to make it all happen. If you or anyone you know would like to help our amazing cause. Please consider making a donation or become a sponsor.

It will help many of the families of our fallen in time of need and helps support our numerous family-oriented events. We look forward to seeing you at many of our 2018 events!



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